Our Approach

JFLCO's investment strategy is designed to leverage the firm's deep sector and operational expertise to help acquired companies unlock value and achieve their full potential

$10 - $75M+

EBITDA of $10 to $75 million+

North America / UK

Preferred location of headquarters

$50 - $350M

Fund equity capital of approximately $50 to $350 million, with a history of partnering with limited partners on larger investments


Adjacent geographies, products and service offerings of any size

The aerospace, defense, maritime, government and environmental industries are complex and often highly regulated. We believe our deep sector expertise and network of relationships are valuable to management teams as they pursue growth across a variety of markets. Our industry focus provides other important advantages to our partners, including the ability to:

Source attractive opportunities

JFLCO places a strong emphasis on proactive and direct origination of investments through the firm’s many long-standing relationships with senior industry executives, entrepreneurs, retired military and government officials, financial intermediaries and professional advisors familiar with JFLCO’s exclusive and consistent investment strategy. This approach, combined with the firm’s unique industry knowledge and ability to understand opportunities not readily apparent to others, has resulted in JFLCO developing high quality investment opportunities.

Enlist senior advisors and operating partners to help address specific company needs

Since inception, JFLCO has enhanced the strengths of its professional team by leveraging a core group of seasoned industry and government executives. Their efforts include sourcing leads for investment opportunities, providing insight during the due diligence process or references to individuals with valuable expertise, assisting in management recruitment, making new customer or joint venture introductions, providing sector or program-specific support as well as serving on portfolio company boards of directors.

Evaluate the complex nature of programs, customers, competitors and regulatory frameworks to identify opportunities and assess risk

Within our targeted industries, JFLCO seeks companies that exhibit key attributes, including but not limited to:

  • Proven, market-leading engineering / technical capabilities involving specialized products and services where performance is critical;
  • Product and service offerings subject to strict qualification and certification requirements associated with high-value, long-life cycle assets (aircraft, vessels, satellites, power plants, etc.);
  • Established positions on long life-cycle priority programs evidenced by:
    • Recurring and predictable customer demand
    • Sole (or dual) source customer supply arrangements
    • Balanced contract portfolios across the full program life cycle (development, production and aftermarket support);
  • Customer demand driven by increasingly complex domestic and international regulatory frameworks;
  • Multiple-use technologies / capabilities with government and commercial applications; and
  • Potential for strong operating margins.

Empower management to succeed

The firm fully supports each investment with substantial internal as well as external resources and independently evaluates each company from origination through exit to identify opportunities for creating value in concert with our management partners. JFLCO views capable, committed management as a company’s most valuable asset. 

Pursue strategic acquisitions

We help identify, diligence, structure and finance add-on acquisitions that enable our portfolio companies to achieve scale, expand into new market segments, cultivate new product offerings, acquire accretive technologies and diversify their customer bases.